3 Things Sellers should Demand

3 things Sellers should demand from their Real Estate Agent

I am appalled, shocked and confounded everyday by the lack of service our fellow real estate agents provide their clients! As the consumer, sellers you have the right to know what to expect, no demand from your agent and then hold them to it!  

When you are considering selling possibly your largest financial investment, your agent should be professional, carry integrity and have a wealth of marketing skills. 

As agents, it is our responsibility to know the market, address the issues with integrity and market the hell out of your property! Go into your home sale with your eyes wide open! Know what to expect, demand and look for from your agent.

3 things all sellers should demand from their agent:


1.     Exceptional Marketing. We live in a visual and media driven world with 98% of buyers starting their home search on the internet. Sellers need to demand extensive on-line marketing of their home.  Gone are the days of just stick a sign in the front yard and put it in the MLS and it will sell.  The marketing of your home should be visually stunning, professional, and all encompassing. 

2.     Professionalism. Sellers, shop for your agent. Don’t just use someone because your friend/family recommended them.  Do your research! Google them, check out their reviews and ratings. What are other clients saying about them. Then, interview! Demand that your agent is professional looking, speaking and can speak to the current industry with knowledge and experience. 

3.     Integrity. Sellers need to demand their agent works with integrity. That they carry your best interests at heart.  The goal should be to sell your home for the most money the market will bear, and to weather the snags of the transaction with transparency, and exceptional ethics. Demand that your agent has your best interest in mind and will keep in communication with you during the selling process.

Your home sale is important to us.  We want to provide our sellers with exceptional service, no demanding necessary!  We work hard to provide these three things and more! Now that your eyes are open, sellers demand it. You should have exceptional service! To be sure that your receive it, contact us Beth & James Adams, the Adams Team with Russ Lyon Sotheby’s Intl. Realty.   We are your unique and different local Realtors®