3 Home Buyer Tips You Didn't Know

Thinking about buying a home? Do this first!

Are you thinking of buying a home? What is the first thing that we all do when we think about buying something new? Hop on the Internet and start searching! From shoes to cars to homes, the first place we go is online.  The Internet is a great wealth of information.  But before you spend hours online home shopping, here are a few things you need to do first!

Home Buyer Tip 1

Talk to a Lender.  The very first thing you should do is be sure to speak to a lender.. Speaking with a lender will tell you how much home you can afford and what price range will work best with your budget.   Lending is constantly changing and we have seen some big changes in the mortgage industry just in the last year.  Speaking with a lender first will help set you up from the start for a successful home buying experience.  Many times once we have our clients speak with a lender, they find out that they can afford more than they originally thought.  There are some many financing options out there, the more you know, the better your home buying experience will be. 

Home Buyer Tip 2

Shop your lender.  Be sure to speak with more that just one.  Shop your lender like you shop for your car.  All lenders are not created equal.  It is important to check with several. Find the one that is offering a great deal but also one that will work for you and help you through the process with skill and professionalism.  Your lender should be available, knowledgeable and someone that can explain the process with ease.  For a list of lenders we love, click here!

Home Buyer Tip 3

Once you have completed tip 1 and tip 2. Call a real estate agent.  Find out what tips they can offer.  Shop for your agent as well.  Real estate agents all have unique skills to offer.  Be sure to find an agent that can skillfull help you through the home buying process.  Ask questions.  And chose an agent that fits with your personality offers professionalism and integrity. 

Once you have selected your lender and agent, now you can search your heart out on the Internet for your dream home.  Spend time getting to know the area you are thinking of buying in.  Learn the neighborhoods and the community.  Your real estate agent can offer a wealth of knowledge about the area you are thinking of buying.  We love what we do and would love to help you in your home buying journey! Contact us! 

Beth Adams