3 Home Seller Tips You Need to Know

Home selling Tips     

Are you thinking of selling your home? Below we share with you 3 home selling tips you might not have thought of.  Things you need to do before you sell your home. Often sellers begin to consider the possibility of selling and then decide to wait until the beginning of the new year. Once the hustle of the holidays are over.  But don’t wait to contact a real estate agent until the new year! Contact one now and here’s why. 

Home Selling Tip 1

Shop for your real estate agent Clients shopping for a real estate agent make us very happy! Unfortunately, not everyone shops for a real estate agent.  Many times they make their selection because its someone they know, or someone in their family knows someone in the Real Estate industry, or Uncle Bob is a real estate agent, or they get on the internet and play pin the tail on the real estate agent and make a random selection.  It is in your best interest, as a seller to interview at least 2 agents This way you will bemaking a smart, informed decision based on the merits and professionalism of the agent you choose.

Home Selling Tip 2

Don’t Wait Until your ready to sell to select your agent.  Start one or 2 months before to shop and make your selection.  Then consult with your agent about the best strategy to market your home.  Many times sellers assume that if they list their home on Wednesday it will all be ready to be put on the market Friday.  But a good marketing strategy including price, advertising, Photos and videos all take time to create and implement. Start the process now and you and your agent can have a great strategy in place before you place your home on the market. 

Home Selling Tip 3

You only have once chance to make a great first impression.  Another reason to start the process early and hire your agent sooner.  Once your property is on the market you do not get another chance to impress buyers. Don’t list your home with a to do list. Handle the honey-do’s and repairs prior to listing.  Consult with your agent and find out their recommendations. Then you can list and market your home in the best light possible and make a great first impression.

Thinking of selling? Don’t wait until your ready to sell, get prepared now.  We would love the opportunity to interview to sell you home.  Contact us! We love what we do and would love to help you. 

Beth and James Adams