My listing is expired, now what?


If your home did not sell and your listing with your real estate agent has expired what do you do? What should your next step as a seller be? It is a difficult position to be in as a seller when your home does not sell and yet you want it to, need it to. So what should you do?

First, as a seller you should evaluate why your home did not sell.  Ask those tough questions. This will help you determine what your next step should be. Was it priced too high? Was your home marketing done correctly? Was your agent on top of what was happening in the real estate market? Does your home have a challenge that needs to be addressed? Figuring out the why will help you determine what next step to take.

Sometimes as a seller you are not sure why your home did not sell. At this point it might be a good idea to get a second opinion.  Talk to another real estate agent.  Shop around… find out why your home did not sell from their perspective.  Also find out what they have to offer that is different from your last agent. Interview!

Unfortunately, the typical thing that happens is the seller re-lists with the same agent. My advice? Don’t. If your last agent did not get the job done, then why go back and try again? If you want to sell your home, then change it up. Do something different and get a fresh perspective.

Typically a home does not sell for one of 3 reasons. Either the home was priced too high, it was not marketed well (bad photos, lack of advertising, no sign or accessibility) and third, the home has a challenge that is hard for buyers to look beyond. 

Finding out the why and addressing it can help get your home from for sale to sold. If your home is expired, ask why it did not sell and get a fresh perspective. Interview other agents. Then make a new game plan so you can get your home sold. 

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