Sedona Verde Life - Apricots!

Fresh fruit! Yes please. Homegrown fresh fruit… of course! You cannot get any fresher or organic than homegrown fruit and this time of year there is plenty.  We love that we can live in an area with fruit trees. The sweetness and juicy taste of homegrown fruit is so different that what we get these days in the stores.  Plus home grown is HUGE!  

With all the rain we had this spring our fruit trees are loaded! We have so much that we are happy to give it away! Or trade with a neighbor for something different! We even trade with the local farmers markets! Right now we have apricots. Lots of apricots! If you park at my house you will find a bag of apricots on your car seat! But what do we do with all that fresh fruit? Can it, dry it, eat it or bake with it! Here is one of my favorite things to do with apricots. Enjoy!