Shop for your real estate agent

Why they chose us!

Recently we got a call from someone wanting to sell their home.  Yeah!  And then they said this…” just to let you know we are interviewing several agents…” They made it very clear that they were shopping for a real estate agent to list their home for sale.  Yeah!  Wait, did we just cheer that? Yes we did! That fact that we were not the only ones they were talking to ,that we were competing for the opportunity to work with them is great!  Really.


Clients shopping for a real estate agent make us very happy! Unfortunately, not everyone shops for a real estate agent.  Many times they make their selection because its someone they know, or someone in their family knows someone in the Real Estate industry, or Uncle Bob is a real estate agent, or they get on the internet and play pin the tail on the real estate agent and make a random selection. But not many times do we hear that someone is interviewing and shopping for an agent and when we do we get excited!  And here is why.

For one that means that they are making a smart, informed decision based on the merits and professionalism of the agent they choose.  It means that they are looking for someone they can work with on a professional level.   It means that they want the best!  And this gives us the ability to share why we are the best!

We love being able to sit down with a potential seller or buyer and share with them what we do, why we do it and how.  Buying or selling a home is one of the biggest financial moves you will make in your life and we don’t take that lightly! Helping you buy or sell a home takes an agent, or agents in our case, that is on top of the real estate industry, well educated in the current issues.   Excellent negotiation skills and great knowledge of the current local market are musts!  How about a dynamic, multi-faceted marketing plan to sell your home with real life proven results!

We share what we do and also… prove it! That right! We show that we are not just a fountain of knowledge but that we have a plan, and a way to execute it.  So, now you are wondering, did we get the listing. Of course! After sharing what we know and our marketing plan they chose us!

We encourage every buyer and seller to shop for a real estate agent. Ask the questions, find out real life examples.  And, give us the opportunity to tell you what we can do for you!

Contact us if you are buying or selling and no, we wont be sad if you tell us your shopping!