Sedona Verde Life - Market Update

2015 Real Estate Market Update

As the year is winding down and we are coming into the crazy holiday season, we wanted to update you on what is happening with the local real estate market. What is selling, is it a buyers market or sellers and is the market up or down?  We pride ourselves on being in touch and knowledgeable on what is happening with the housing market.  Not only is our job to know, it is our passion!

Below is a great market at a glance infographic by city.  Good news! Sales are up over all from 2014 to this year.  From 14-17% depending on the city.  Properties are moving and at a high average than last year.  I would say that the market has rebounded! Average sales prices are also up.  Cottonwood is right at $200,000 average price per sale. Camp Verde is looking at $206,000 average price per sale. And Sedona is the highest at $336,000 average price per sale. 

What’s not up is inventory.  The number of homes on the market are down! What does that mean? We are definitely in a seller’s market with buyers having less options to choose from.  Calling all sellers! Now is a great time to list your home.  

But that does not mean now is not a good time to buy.  It’s a fantastic time as interest rates remain low and home prices are still fair.   As a buyer you just have to be savvy about the market and hope on a property as soon as you decide it’s the one for you. 


Thinking of buying or selling?  Let us chat with you.  We love what we do and would love to help you! 


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