5 fun facts about Downton Abbey real estate - Highclere Castle

Ok Downton Abbey Fans… We have been anxiously awaiting the season return of this riveting upstairs/downstairs drama. Who did not watch last night? Not to worry no spoilers here! We are so happy its back! During the holiday season, we were lamenting that we simply had nothing to watch on TV, but boosted our spirits with "But Downton Abbey returns in January!!" We are equally fascinated with the show and the real estate – Highclere Castle, the real castle where Downton Abbey is filmed. Oh what an amazing trip it would be to visit and tour Highclere Castle!! Put it on the bucket list! 

But for now we will just have to be content with drooling over the scenes from the show and with these fun facts real estate facts! 

  • 1.Completed in 1842 by renowned architect Sir Charles Barry, the castle was designed in the Jacobeathan style and gets its unusual exterior color from bath stone. 
  • 2.Originally a 5000 acre estate, the castle now sits on approx. 600 acres.
  • 3.Lord and Lady Carnarvon (current owners of the castle) are unsure of the total number of rooms – 200-300 total with 50-80 bedrooms! Although only approx.. 50 rooms and 14-15 bedrooms are currently in use today. 
  • 4.According to Christopher Cameron of Curbed – Highclere Castle would cost about $10 Million to insure!
  • 5.It takes a massive budget and between 60-80 employees to keep up with the maintenance and day to day necessities of running a castle!! 

We can hardly wait for all the twists and turns of this season of Downton Abbey and of course the stunning images of Highclere Castle and the surrounding grounds! 

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