How buying or selling a home is like being in the Super Bowl

Super Bowl VS Real Estate

So this week is the biggest game of the year!  The Super Bowl!  It is the most watched sporting event on TV. Even if you don’t watch football regularly, you probably watch the Super Bowl. So what do real estate and the Super Bowl have in common you ask? The biggest game of the year, so much at stake, two great teams on opposing sides, fumbles, stellar coaches…

Just like the biggest game of the year, your real estate transaction, whether your buying a home or selling a home, can be your biggest transaction of the year. There is always a lot at stake, always 2 sides to the transaction, sometimes there may be a fumble or two, and hopefully there are stellar real estate agents representing the buyer and seller.

But that is where the similarity ends, while in the Super Bowl there is always a clear winner and loser, in a real estate transaction there are only both winners. In a successful transaction, while there may be compromises on each side, both buyer and seller should be satisfied in the end.

So when its time for you to enter the playing field of real estate as a buyer or seller, be sure you follow these 3 tips to make sure you come out a winner.

1  Hire a stellar coach. Using a real estate professional will mean that you have someone on your side to help you negotiate the best for you and assist you through out the transaction. Always check their reviews…See Beth and James Adams, the Adams Teams reviews here!

2  Get your game face on.  If you are buying, get your financials in order and get pre-qualified with a lender. If you are selling, make sure you are serious and get a current market analysis for what your home is worth.

3  Expect a few fumbles and flags on the field.  Even a successful transaction may have a few unexpected items that arise in the process. A great real estate agent will be creative and help you through these issues to successful close.

Have a safe and fun Superbowl weekend!

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