Sell My Home - 3 Tips

Sell My Home

We get a lot of questions these days from potential clients about selling a home in todays market.  "How do I sell my home in this current market?" Buyers are still looking for a deal, sellers want to sell for top dollar, so how do we market a property for sale successfully?

Smart Home Selling

Are you thinking… I want to sell my home! Check out these tips, but ask yourself first, are you serious about selling? There are all kinds of reasons to sell your home, relocation, downsizing, cashing out.  But when we sit down with a potential seller we need to find out how serious you are about selling.  Knowing you are serious about selling helps us with our marketing strategy and our job of getting your property sold.

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Smart Price

What is the best price to sell my home?  In todays market, it is key to price your property at market value for you home, neighborhood and area.  Buyers are still looking for a deal, but will pay more for a home that is in great condition and move-in ready. So how do we determine what market value is?  We look at features and condition and compare them with equivalent sales in the neighborhood, from there we determine a market value price. 

 Smart Marketing -

Once we have a price, its time to put our marketing strategy in place.  Ask yourself what is the best way to sell my home with marketing? First we have to look at the buyers…Buyers these days are savvy about the market they are searching in and how they search.  According to the National Association of Realtors®, 90% of home buyers begin their search online. That tells us we need to do 2 things.  One, have professional eye-catching photos of your home. And two, market your home everywhere online including social sites as well.  It is not just enough to put a sign out front and feature the property on our website.  A major presence online is a must to successfully reach the buyers for your home.

Should I change anything to sell my home?  While we don’t want you to dump money into your home you are planning on selling. It is important to have minor repairs fixed, carpets cleaned and a fresh coat of paint.  Also, staging your home is a must to get great photos, but also to attract buyers.  Re-moving clutter, rearranging furniture and possibly hiring a professional stager will help the buyers see your home and its potential for them in it.

Smart Home Seller

The first 30 days of your home for sale on the market is the most critical time to catch buyers.  The best way to “sell my home” is to be serious, price it right, and market it in the best possible manner. 

Be sure you hire a real estate professional that can assist you in this process, and all the way through the transaction.  Be a savvy home seller and shop for your real estate agent just like you would for your next home.  Go online, google your area and find out who comes out on top, who has the best reviews, and interview!

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